Photo Guide about creator and cosplay

Please be aware and follow the Filming guide below to make the show safe and enjoyable for everyone.

▶ Press and Photographers without a PRESS Badge may be rejected for taking a picture.

▶ Excessive low angles, taking photos highlighting certain body parts, and demanding poses that cause the creators and cosplayers to feel shame are prohibited.

▶ Photography requests may be refused depending on the circumstances of the creators and cosplayers. Forcing creators and cosplayers to comply with photography requests can result in expulsion by security personnel.

▶ Illegal photography and surreptitious recording are strictly prohibited. Always obtain consent from creators and cosplayers before photographing them.

▶ Refrain from inappropriate behavior such as physical contact, sexual harassment, or making offensive remarks about appearance towards creators and cosplayers. Let's all enjoy a healthy and respectful viewing culture together.