Incheon Technopark (ITP) is an institution established under the Special Act on Support for
Industrial Technology Complexes and Article 32 of the Civil Code.
It builds an organic cooperation network with regional innovation agencies, including industry, academia, research,
and government (IARG), and formulates industrial development strategies and policies tailored to local conditions and characteristics.
ITP serves as a hub institution for fostering local industries by discovering and nurturing knowledge-based leading technology enterprises.

Leading Innovation and Growth in the Smart Media Content Industry for
Comprehensive Development and Enhanced Competitiveness

Since the pilot launch of Incheon N Broadcasting in 2013, we have been supporting the solo media industry in the Incheon area.
Starting from 2018, we have organized the Incheon International Solo Media Festival,
featuring stage performances and booth exhibitions centered around solo media, as part of various programs.
These efforts contribute to establishing a platform for the solo media industry.

Corporate Support

Smart Media Contents
Corporate Support of Small and Medium Enterprises

Talent Development

Discovery and Development of Smart Media Content Producers

Platform Operation

Comprehensive Operation of Smart Media Content Platform

Since 2022, we have restructured the existing Incheon N Broadcasting operations into fostering the smart media content industry.
Through comprehensive development and enhancing competitiveness in the media content sector,
we are nurturing Incheon’s specialized smart media content industry.