RAPA is a special corporation established under Article 66-2 of the Radio Waves Act,
aiming to promote efficient utilization of radio wave resources, respond to changes in the radio wave environment,
enhance mutual cooperation and solidarity among radio wave-related entities, promote internationalization of the broadcasting industry,
and foster healthy development of radio wave technology through standardization.

Since 2015, RAPA has been implementing government support programs for the ‘Creator Media Industry,’
identified as a new growth engine in the broadcasting industry.
The Creator Media Support Center supports the entire process from discovering promising creators to supporting startups
and facilitating international expansion.
Through comprehensive support, RAPA aims to create quality jobs, nurture the new media industry, and establish specialized infrastructure (Media Complex) equipped with professional production facilities and office spaces for creators and related startups.

Key Talent

Discovering local emerging creators
Developing creators through growth stages
Identifying and nurturing new professions


Supporting content production
Assisting in convergence business development
Operating global investment programs

Growth Foundations

Conducting industry surveys
Hosting Creator Media Industry Fairs
Providing infrastructure support
(workspace, production facilities)

Media Hub

Providing government support information
Establishing a self-managed career management platform
Offering free legal and tax advisory support

Services providing office space and production infrastructure for solo media enterprises and creators

Integrated service providing information on media industry and infrastructure